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The Australian Journal of Dementia Care (AJDC) is a multidisciplinary journal for all professional staff working with people with dementia in residential aged care homes, hospitals, day units and the community.

It is available via subscription and distributed throughout Australia and overseas.

The journal is committed to improving the quality of care provided for people living with dementia by showcasing good practice and keeping readers abreast of developments in dementia care practice, training, research and technology, as well as the latest resources, events, news and views.

The Australian Journal of Dementia Care is grounded firmly in practice and provides relevant, high-quality and well-researched articles with solutions for dementia care settings, written by practitioners, researchers and other experts in the field of dementia care from Australia and around the world. There is a strong emphasis on ‘knowledge translation’, which closes the gap between dementia care research and practice.

The AJDC team

  • Editor-In-Chief: Dr Richard Hawkins
  • Executive Editor: Professor Richard Fleming
  • Managing Editor: Kerry Schelks
  • Contributing Editor: Catherine Ross
  • Contributing Editor (Research News) Briana Lees
  • Website Manager: Emma Paul
  • Production Editor: Andrew Chapman


The AJDC was established in 2012 and is published in a printed format six times a year by:

Hawker Publications Australia Pty Ltd
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Building 232 (Mike Codd), Room 113
Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong
NSW 2522

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Contact us

For editorial inquiries, article submissions, and advertising inquiries, contact:

Managing Editor Kerry Schelks

For subscription inquiries:

Contact us by mail:
Australian Journal of Dementia Care
Building 232 (Mike Codd), Room 113
Innovation Campus
University of Wollongong
NSW 2522


Writing for AJDC

The journal offers a lively forum for ideas and opinions and we welcome submissions of articles and letters to the editor from people involved in the dementia care sector.

If you have a project or research study to report, a change in practice, organisation or structure which has worked well (or not), or ideas for improving the wellbeing or environment of people with dementia, and would you like to share this experience with others, we would like to hear from you.

We welcome contributions from those who have never written before as much as from experienced writers, and our editorial team is happy to support contributors in the writing process.

Contact Managing Editor Kerry Schelks
Email: or visit our submissions page



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