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AJDC farewells its founders

On 21 April 2020 ownership of the Australian Journal of Dementia Care passed from Hawker Publications Australia to the University of Wollongong (UOW), with Dementia Training Australia (DTA) managing the journal on UOW’s behalfThis is a very positive development for the AJDC as UOW is a leading centre of dementia excellence in Australia and has been closely involved with the journal since its launch in 2012. 

The AJDC has some exciting changes planned, which will be announced in the coming months. But this is an opportunity to acknowledge and say a heartfelt thank you and farewell to the journal’s founders – outgoing Executive Editor Professor Richard Fleming and recent Publisher and Editor-inChief Dr Richard Hawkins – along with our outgoing Advisory Board (see separate story).  

The Australian Journal of Dementia Care launched in June 2012 with a message from the then Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butlercommending the NSW/ACT Dementia Training Study Centre (DTSC) at UOW for launching the journal.

Professor Richard Fleming

Dr Richard Hawkins

Until then there had been no dementia-specific publication in Australia for people working in aged care, hospitals and the community to showcase good practice, current research, news and resources – unlike the UK where the Journal of Dementia Care (JDC) – guided by key thinkers such as Professor Tom Kitwood and its then publisher Dr Hawkins – had for 17 years provided such a platform for sharing information between a wide range of people engaged in the care and support of people living with dementia.

While the idea of establishing an Australian version of JDC was first raised by UOW’s Professor Victoria Traynor in 2009, the opportunity to do it was not possible until 2012 when Professor Fleming, then NSW/ACT DTSC Director, and Dr Hawkins joined forces to launch the AJDC – with Professor Fleming as Executive Editor and Dr Hawkins as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

Over the past eight years they have guided the AJDC and its team with a clear vision of establishing a community of interest for dementia practitioners, where everyone with a professional interest in the care and support of people living with dementia would feel at home and free to showcase their achievements. Both have viewed the AJDC as an opportunity to build bridges over the gaps between dementia practitioners, educators and researchers.

We thank Richard Hawkins and Richard Fleming for their leadership and legacy – and above all, their unwavering determination to improve the quality of care and support provided for people living with dementia.

AJDC Advisory Board members past and present 

The inaugural Advisory Board 2012  

The AJDC’s inaugural Advisory Board comprised of 12 members, with experience across the aged, dementia, health and research sectors: Marie Alford (Alzheimer’s Australia SA); Professor Henry Brodaty (UNSW), Marily Cintra (Health and Arts Research Centre), Professor Helen Edwards (QUT), Dr Penny Flett (Brightwater Care Group), Kate Hawkins (Queensland Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service), Professor Barbara Horner (Curtin University), Professor Rhonda Nay (La Trobe University), Sue Pieters-Hawke (Sue Pieters-Hawke Resources), Tara Quirke (Alzheimer’s Australia Consumer Dementia Research Network), Glenn Rees (Alzheimer’s Australia National), and Margaret Ryan (Bupa Care Services Australia)Carol Bennett also joined the board in 2016 after taking over from Glenn as CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia National. 

 Six of the original 12 members have served on the AJDC Advisory Board from the beginning: Henry, Marily, Penny, Rhonda, Tara and Margaret. 

 The outgoing Advisory Board 2020 

Professor Elizabeth Beattie, Professor of Aged and Dementia Care QUT; Director, Dementia Training Australia (DTA) (QUT); Director, Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration (QUT).  

Professor Henry Brodaty AO, Scientia Professor of Ageing and Mental Health, UNSW; Director, Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration; Co-Director, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, UNSW. 

Marily Cintra, Director, Health and Arts Research Centre Inc.  

Dr Penny Flett AO, former Pro-Chancellor University of WA.  

Emeritus Professor Rhonda Nay, La Trobe University. 

Kathryn Quintel, CEO Preventing Dementia Consulting Services 

Tara Quirke, Environments Consultant, DTA. 

Margaret Ryan, Learning and Development Manager, Allity Aged Care.  

Dr Andrew Stafford, Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Curtin University, WA. 

Dr Margaret Winbolt, Director, DTA, La Trobe University,  

Thank you all. 

Building on a strong foundation


As the Australian Journal of Dementia Care (AJDC) bids a fond farewell to Dr Richard Hawkins and Professor Richard Fleming, it is timely to acknowledge another foundational pillar of the journal since its launch in 2012 – the AJDC Advisory Board and its members past and present (see story below left).

Over the past eight years the members of the Advisory Board have remained committed AJDC enthusiasts. Each has aired ideas for the journal’s purpose and development, as well as responded to the call to author pieces for publication or review article submissions.

The Advisory Board has invested time and effort, without remuneration. A vital and priceless contribution has been building the credibility of the journal. Each member has responded to opportunities to grow the profile of the publication through their networks across Australia.

A landmark transition

We look forward to introducing the University of Wollongong and Dementia Training Australia editorial team very soon. In the meantime, we thank the outgoing members of the AJDC team and Advisory Board for their valuable part in the journey of the journal to aspire to the most important hope of all – “that people with dementia will know that they are valued as people” (in the words of outgoing Advisory Board member Emeritis Professor Rhonda Nay).

Associate Professor Belinda Goodenough, on behalf of the new AJDC editorial team at the University of Wollongong and Dementia Training Australia


AJDC has changed its publication schedule due to the impact of COVID-19 and recent handover to our new publisher, the University of Wollongong. Our new cover dates for the remainder of 2020 are: July/August/September 2020 edition (published 21/07/20) and October/November/December (published 09/10/20).  

From January 2021, the AJDC will be moving to a new format of 4 issues per year. With the journal now fully owned by the University of Wollongong, and managed by Dementia Training Australia, we have some exciting changes planned, so keep checking our website for updates. 

For editorial and advertising inquiries, contact AJDC Managing Editor Kerry Schelks at kerry@australianjdc.comFor subscription inquiries, visit https://journalofdementiacare.com/subscribe-ajdc/ or call the subscriptions team on (03) 8317 8163 or email dementiajournal@data.com.au 

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