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AJDC Read and Quiz series

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) has launched five short online learning modules with each module linked with one of five recent Australian Journal of Dementia Care (AJDC) articles.

DTA, which manages AJDC on behalf of the publisher, the University of Wollongong, is launching the new resources as a way of making the quarterly publication more accessible to the health and aged care workforce.

Topics covered in the AJDC Read and Quiz series include: death and dying in dementia care, supported decision-making with people living with dementia, working alongside family carers, supporting meaningful activity in a hospital setting, and rethinking rural dementia care during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Learners are asked to first read the article (available as a PDF) or instead listen to the audio version, spend time reflecting on its content and key messages, and then answer some questions. Practice-oriented resources related to the topic are also introduced, and then learners can access a certificate confirming completion of the module.

Each module should take about 30 minutes to finish, and can be completed in any order. Access at: https://dta.com.au/online-course-modules/

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