• Dementia Conference
  • Dementia Conference

April/May 2019



Dementia service takes a team approach

Merri Health is providing holistic at-home support for people at all stages of dementia through its innovative Specialist Memory and Dementia Service.


Experiences of dementia: stories from those who care

Valuable insights from family carers and friends of people living with dementia. Katherine Guinane, Jane Mears and Gaynor Macdonald report

Communicating without speech

Adaptive Interaction (AI) is a non-verbal communication tool for people with dementia who can no longer speak. Maggie Ellis and Arlene Astell briefly describe the genesis of AI, its development and how they see its future

Inroads into rural and remote area dementia training

Dementia Training Australia staff took to the road (and the sky) to discover the specific training needs and challenges facing health professionals working in some of Australia’s most remote areas. Liz Miles, Sandra Jeavons, Catherine Wyles and Elizabeth Beattie report

A salutogenic retrofit

Architect Jan Golembiewski explains how to retrofit salutogenic values and vision to an existing unit for people with dementia. Salutogenics improves the lives and outlook for residents and makes staffing and visiting easier

Being a disruptor in dementia care

David Sheard argues the need for more disruptive innovation in the care home sector because disruption is the ‘new normal’

Towards autonomy and safety for people with dementia

Margaret MacAndrew, Elizabeth Beattie, Linda Schnitker, Deborah Brooks and Nicole Shepherd summarise their research on people with dementia getting lost and interventions to improve the safety of people with dementia while maintaining their autonomy and dignity

Personhood in dementia: a case study

What is personhood and how can it be maintained in someone with dementia? Commenting on a case study of ‘Helen’, written by her husband and caregiver ‘David’, Ilina Singh and Philip Wilkinson argue that supporting relationships is key

Plus the latest dementia research news, resources and events!

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