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Community gardening and dementia

Therapeutic Horticulture Australia has launched a new guide called Community Gardening and Dementia to help community gardens learn how to become more dementia-inclusive.

The guide is the work of the DIGnity Supported Community Gardening project just outside Hobart, Tasmania, which has been offering a therapeutic outdoor environment for community members with a range of needs, including people living with dementia, since 2016.

The resource was co-produced with DIGnity participants, with support from Dementia Australia and the Centre for Rural Health at the University of Tasmania, and shares the learning from the project over recent years.

The guide presents four key practical tips (eg, ‘Have a variety of things to do’) as well as ‘Tips for collaboration’ aimed at both community gardeners and aged care providers, and a short film about the project.

Quotes from DIGnity participants feature alongside practical tips and suggestions.

The resource is available at http://bit.ly/gardening-and-dementia 

Stock image: prostooleh/www.freepik.com

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