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Cycling Without Age

HammondCare Strathearn, an aged care residential home in Scone in regional NSW, has taken ownership of two trishaw bikes – offering residents the chance to get out and about in the fresh air, with the assistance of volunteer cyclists who ‘pilot’ the bikes.

The trishaws, known as Triobike Taxis, are promoted by Cycling Without Age (CWA), the global, non-for-profit organisation founded in Denmark in 2012 that seeks to support older people to get out on bicycles. CWA has now spread to 42 countries all over the world, including Australia.

Scone Chamber of Commerce President Stephen Guihot and local doctor Richard Abbott now volunteer to pilot the trishaws regularly.

Stephen said: “It’s so motivating for the residents to be able to get out for a ride around town. They love it. They are lining up to have a go.”

The purchase of the trishaws was made possible through a donation to the HammondCare Foundation courtesy of the local Paradice Foundation.

Strathearn Residential Care Manager Sarah Pearce said HammondCare was delighted to be able to make the trishaw trips available for residents.

“We appreciate the donation that made this possible and the local volunteers who are willing to give their time to take our residents for a ride,” Sarah said.

To find out more about Cycling Without Age, go to https://cyclingwithoutage.org.au/.

Trishaw pilot Dr Richard Abbott (at left) with HammondCare Strathearn resident Dudley George and (at right) trishaw pilot Stephen Guihot with Strathearn residents Peter Gleeson and Athalie Yarrington. Photos: HammondCare

Trishaw pilot Dr Richard Abbott with HammondCare Strathearn residents Daphne and Martin Eveleigh

Trishaw pilot Stephen Guihot with Strathearn resident Athalie Yarrington

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