• Dementia Conference
  • Dementia Conference

December/January 2019


The reliability and meaning of a dementia diagnosis

In this response to the ‘dementia doubters’ who claim public dementia advocates may, in fact, not have dementia, Kate Swaffer discusses the legitimacy of a diagnosis and the myth that dementia is a pathway that leads only to deficits and death.


Virtual dementia-friendly rural communities

Irene Blackberry and colleagues introduce the Verily Connect project, which is working to bring together family carers in rural communities across Australia

Supported decision-making: human rights and emerging practice

Craig Sinclair shares current thinking about the importance of supported decision-making for people with dementia – and introduces new resources to support practice

Tailored activity for responsive behaviours

Sally Bennett and colleagues introduce TAP-Australia – an innovative tailored activity program for people with dementia and their carers living at home

Training to improve the hospital experience

A new training resource for staff working in acute care settings is now available from Dementia Australia to improve the hospital experience for people living with dementia

Changing medication management practice

Kate Fulford and Andrew Stafford describe a pharmacist-led, evidence-based service for residential aged care staff to optimise the use of antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviours

Integrating ASCOT in care planning

Ann-Marie Towers, Karn Nelson, Nick Smith and Kamilla Razik report on the trial of a new and innovative use of the ASCOT tool in residential aged care planning to help staff initiate conversations about residents’ emotional and social wellbeing

Supporting selfhood and individuation: a case study

Dodi Rose and Steven R Sabat examine how engaging in activity that connects with a person’s valued, lifelong abilities can strengthen and support selfhood

The power of collective action

Practice change programs are often seen as the way for care organisations to achieve person-centred care. Sarah Cope questions this approach and says instead, residents should be given more opportunities to support one another

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