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  • Dementia Conference

Dementia Australia’s new Community of Practice

Dementia Australia is inviting aged care staff to participate in one of two new innovations in staff education and training: one is an online dementia Community of practice, and other is a series of online education sessions. 

Both the Community of practice and the online education group are aimed at people who are working in residential and community aged care and who have a shared desire to transform dementia care and improve practice. 

An evaluation of both elements of the work program is being conducted by Swinburne University to evaluate whether online Communities of practice and education can lead to better practices in dementia care.  

The online dementia Community of practice will involve: regular interactions with other group members over the eight months of the study; participation in virtual classrooms (two hours each, with training focusing on supporting behaviour changes during the COVID-19 restrictions, and engaging and connecting with people living with dementia through the COVID-19 pandemic); online forums (two hours per month); and access to a range of other resources and support. 

The online education group will bring participants together in virtual classrooms (two hours each) to receive training on the same topics as the Community of practice. 

To find out more about how to participate, including eligibility, call the Centre for Dementia Learning on 1300 336 368, email cdl@dementia.org.au or go to https://dementialearning.org.au/dementia-community-of-practice/ 

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