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  • Dementia Conference

Dementia Discovery: short courses for new staff

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Dementia Training Australia (DTA) has launched Dementia Discovery – a series of short, free online training and resources designed to guide those new to the aged and dementia care workforce who may have limited knowledge about dementia. It provides introductory-level education about dementia and aims to increase knowledge and start people on a learning pathway, with tips on ‘where to next’ for training and resources.

The Dementia Discovery micro-courses take from 15 minutes to one hour to complete and provide new staff with a basic working knowledge about the brain and some of the common types of dementia, and introduce the principles of person-centred care and communication. A Certificate of Completion is available for completed courses. There’s also a catalogue of readings, including help sheets from DTA consortium member Dementia Australia and links to external resources and websites. To access the courses and for more information, visit www.dta.com.au/dementia-discovery.

The DTA website also features COVID-19 An Informative Resources Guide which provides access to other external dementia resources and training specific to COVID-19. Many of the resources are suitable for those new to the workforce who may have limited knowledge about dementia. The page is updated regularly and includes links to information and resources; education and training; advice from the Department of Health; information for GPs; and wellbeing support.

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