• Capacity and decision making in dementia:  a case based approach for GPs
  • Capacity and decision making in dementia:  a case based approach for GPs

Design, Dignity, Dementia: World Alzheimer’s Day Report launch webinar

The World Alzheimer Report 2020, Design, Dignity and Dementia, focusing on dementia and the built environment, will be released on World Alzheimer’s Day, Monday 21 September 2020. To mark the launch, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) is hosting a free public webinar on the day.

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8pm in WA
9.30pm in SA/NT

The webinar will be hosted by ADI’s Chief Executive Paola Barbarino, and feature key expert speakers including:

Professor Richard Fleming
Academic lead, who will launch the report and focus on principles, global context and recommendations. Professor Fleming is an Honorary Professorial Fellow at the University of Wollongong, NSW and former Executive Editor of the Australian Journal of Dementia Care.

John Zeisel
Report co-lead, who will focus on innovators in dementia design, making reference to history and experimentation.

Kirsty Bennett
report co-lead, with a focus on the cultural aspects of designing for dementia. Ms Bennett is an architect and Senior Academic Consultant, Environments, with Dementia Training Australia’s Environments Consultancy team.

Kevin Charras
Dementia advocate, who will speak on design, disability rights and the inclusion of the voice of people living with dementia in design development.

Wilhelmina Hoffman, MD
Principal and CEO of Silviahemmet, who will explain the the SilviaBo approach, working with IKEA, and Skanska (BoKlok).

Dr Ishtar Govia
STRiDE Jamaica, who will focus on low- and middle-income countries, and challenges, barriers, facilitators to incorporating dementia design.

Dr Alison Dawson
University of Stirling, who will outline lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on dementia design.

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The World Alzheimer Report 2020 will focus on dementia-related design and the built environment, looking at progress to date, best practice and innovation across multiple environments including in home/domestic settings, day and residential care, hospitals and public buildings and spaces.

The report will have a global perspective of dementia-related design that takes a cross-cultural approach, reflects regional and economic differences and low- middle- and high- income countries, and will consider urban versus rural settings. It will highlight the role of innovation, entrepreneurship and the importance of aesthetics.

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