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  • Dementia Conference

October/November 2018

australian journal of dementia care october november issue 2018


Consistent staffing models: sharing the learning

The case for consistent staff assignment. Daniella Greenwood argues that it is the most powerful operational approach to support the rights of people with dementia and to promote staff retention.


The freedom of home

Natasha Chadwick and Alasdair A MacDonald report on a new, award-winning inclusive model of residential aged care where residents with a range of care needs, including advanced dementia, and with similar values and lifestyle preferences, share a home

Scaffolding to facilitate artistic success

Alexandra Ramsey and colleagues show how people with dementia can be supported to use their ‘retained skills’ in painting and drawing

Dementia training for General Practice

With the right skills, GPs and Primary Health Care Nurses can play a vital role in recognising, diagnosing and managing dementia in their patients. Marita Long and Margaret Winbolt explain where they can access the latest advice

What makes a real home for people with dementia?

An Australian study has found that a small-scale, home-like model of residential care delivers better outcomes for residents with cognitive impairment and dementia, without any increase in facility running costs. Suzanne Dyer and colleagues report

CARE improves nurses’ dementia knowledge

The CARE Program addresses a gap in dementia and delirium education for nurses. Amanda Tuck and colleagues from Flinders Medical Centre, SA describe the program and outcomes from their pilot study

EDIE Acute an exercise in empathy

Dementia Australia’s Enabling EDIE Acute workshop is now available nationally. David Sykes reports

Dementia Care Illawarra: our journey

Young NSW high school students Mackinly Zecevic, Daniel Michelmore, Lucy Koder and Annabel Hickling-Smith have created an intergenerational dementia care project that has received international recognition

‘The music that I love and remember’

Rachael Ho, Jiang Weiting, and Melison See investigate the impact of personalised music and intergenerational bonding on people living with dementia

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