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  • Dementia Conference

August/September 2018

journal of dementia care australia front cover august september 2018


Challenging tradition: unlocking the DSU

Mark Aros describes what happened when the doors to the dementia-specific unit at Goodhew Gardens were unlocked, and argues that aged care organisations must move towards a more respectful and humane approach to providing residential care for people living with dementia.


RedUSing psychotropic medication use

Juanita Westbury explains how the RedUSe initiative, rolled out nationally from 2014-2016 to more than 12,000 aged care residents in 150 care homes, achieved significant reductions in psychotropic medication use

Comfort care, peace and dignity at the end of life

Good end of life care is essential in dementia, but not always delivered. Angela Liddament explains her role as an advanced nurse practitioner in a care village

Helping people with dementia to feel safe

Steven R Sabat demonstrates that there are ways to facilitate communication and social interaction even when the person with dementia has great difficulty finding the words he or she wants to use

Changing hearts and minds

Helping Hand Aged Care has taken a different approach to delivering exercise for people with dementia, in the process challenging the assumptions of care staff and family members. Gaynor Parfitt, Megan Corlis, Wendy Hudson, Alison Penington and Dannielle Post report

Take the time to understand

Dementia advocate Dennis Frost, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia shortly after this 59th birthday, reflects on the benefits and value of Australia’s new Dementia Friends initiative and the Dementia-Friendly Communities Program

International networks nurture innovation

Lynne Phair and Denise Edwards describe the power and value of a single journal article in improving dementia care practice in Australia and the UK

Time travelling with technology

Karen Watson, Deborah Parker, Andrew Leahy, Daniel Piepers and Kate Stevens discuss the use of technology-enriched reminiscence therapy for people with dementia

Reframing dementia

Gaynor Macdonald, Jane Mears and Ailin Naderbagi explain the Reframing Dementia project, which aims to reconceptualise our understanding of ‘being in relationship’, so that care is always central

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