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Italian-themed resources support engagement, reminiscence

Illawarra’s Italian Social Welfare Organisation (ITSOWEL) and Mindful Generations (creators of activity kits and scarves for people with dementia) have teamed up to develop new resources aimed at older Italian people living with dementia.

The resources include a book called Le Stagioni Della Mia Vita (or The Seasons Of My Life). The book features photos only, with images relating to important Italian themes, such as breakfast coffee, gardening, food markets in Italy, herbs, olives, Italian scenery and food, traditions and music. The book also includes some historical photos of the Italian community living in the Illawarra. An audio sound button of someone speaking in Italian, and naming the items in the photos, also correlates with the book.

The other resource is a small sensory suitcase (pictured), which offers a range of items to touch, smell and look at (such as a coffee cup with coffee beans in it, an embroidered olive branch on linen, a photo of a margarita pizza with a felt pizza slice and a pasta bowl with handmade crocheted penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil).

The resources may be used together or separately to support conversation, reminiscence and engagement with people with dementia.

The package (which includes book, sound button and suitcase with sensory resources) costs $150. If purchased separately, the cost is: book $40, sound button $20, suitcase and sensory resources $100.

To access the resources, contact ITSOWEL on (02) 4228 8222 or email info@itsowel.com.au

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