Learning from each other
Vol 8 Issue 6 2019 Dec / Jan
Issue 6 Dec / Jan 2019

Learning from each other

Learning from each other

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Dementia: Australia at the crossroads

Dec 01 2019 18 min read Feature
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Leading the change in medication management

Dec 06 2019 23 min read Research Focussed
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Project updates and viewpoints

Creative ways to care

Michelle Harris-Allsop describes how Curtin Heritage Living residents at RiverSea Mosman Park enjoyed a program of creative art activities to connect and reminisce

Adapting iSupport for Australian carers

Researchers at the Caring Futures Institute in South Australia are leading an Australian adaptation of the World Health Organization’s iSupport for Dementia online learning program for family carers. Lily Xiao explains

Raising awareness about choice and quality in dementia care

Tiffany Jessop and Carmelle Peisah present preliminary insights from the Empowered Project – a national campaign informing people about their legal, ethical and human rights regarding dementia care, particularly the use of psychotropic medications

Fellowships focus on training, mentoring

Chris While and Alex Reed showcase the five Fellowship projects implemented at IRT between May 2018 and May 2019, reflect on what makes a successful Fellowship project and the benefits of the program

Research Focus

Leading the change in medication management

Kate Fulford and Andrew Stafford report on the findings from the first two years of the Dementia Training Australia Medication Management Consultancy; a pivotal pharmacist- led consultancy service reducing antipsychotic usage in Residential Aged Care Facilities across Australia


Discovering the benefits of intergenerational learning

Griffith University’s Intergenerational Care Project team has been investigating what it takes to implement intergenerational learning programs in Australia, the impact on participants and the community, as well as the economic, educational and workforce implications. In this article, Lalitha Kirsnan, Jennifer Kosiol, Xanthe Golenko, Katrina Radford, Jennifer Cartmel and Anneke Fitzgerald focus on the benefits for older people, including those living with dementia

Dementia: Australia at the crossroads

As the Chair of Alzheimer’s Disease International for almost five years, Glenn Rees is well placed to comment on how Australia compares with other countries in terms of dementia care, its response to the World Health Organization’s Global Dementia Action Plan 2017- 2025 and what lessons we should be learning

Why Australia urgently needs post-diagnostic support and treatment for dementia

Australia is not meeting its obligation to enable people with dementia to access appropriate healthcare, writes Lee-Fay Low

Plus the latest dementia research news, resources and events.

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