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  • Dementia Conference

June/July 2019


Australian journal of dementia care AJDC, June/July 2019


A rights-based approach to risk

Jo Croft explores the benefits of a rights-based approach to care planning and risk management and shares an example of a positive risk assessment tool.


Why intimacy matters

The Intimacy Bank project aims to create a ‘vault’ of wisdom and evidence related to intimacy and ageing

Nurse mentoring to build capacity and capability

Michelle Harris-Allsop highlights the value of an on-site mentor in helping nurses to build their capacity and capability to lead best practice care

Bridging the gap in YOD diagnosis, care

BRIGHT-YOD is a new and innovative telehealth project designed to improve access to specialist diagnosis and care and reduce costs for people with younger onset dementia

Becoming car-free

A team of Queensland researchers has developed the CarFreeMe education program to support GPs and their patients in decision-making and the transition to driving cessation

StepUp for Dementia Research

Yun-Hee Jeon and her team at the University of Sydney have launched a ‘one-stop shop’ for dementia research participation

Research participation: what’s it like to be involved?

Bridget Howes and Steven Baker consider the impact for staff and residents when they are invited to participate in research projects

Going to Stay at Home: support when it matters

Meredith Gresham and colleagues describe a novel program that combines caregiver training with a residential respite stay to reduce carer distress, prevent an increase in behavioural symptoms and enable the person with dementia to stay at home for longer

Introducing the Intergenerational Care Project

The first project to formally evaluate different models of intergenerational learning programs in Australia

Forget Me Not brings generations together

Melissa Hull and colleagues reflect on the collaborative efforts required to develop and implement an intergenerational dementia education project

Human rights and the built environment

Investigating the impact of restrictive design in RACFs on quality of life of people with dementia

The effects of engaging with PARO

Sharon Stoddart and Rebecca Galvin explore residents’ engagement with the therapeutic robot PARO

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