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  • Dementia Conference

Out of sight out of mind

The Dementia in Prisons project is exploring best care options to support ageing prisoners living with dementia. The project’s Chief Investigator Sanetta du Toit explains how individuals and organisations can contribute to the research

Caring for ageing prisoners with dementia is an area in need of research and practice development. Existing work practices and organisational structures may present barriers to the reasonable care of prisoners with dementia and, in turn, prison staff often experience high levels of burden due to the increased needs of prisoners with dementia.

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Share your insights

If you are an employee or volunteer working in a non-profit or external organisation within the Corrective Services setting and come in contact with older prisoners, the Dementia in Prisons project team invites you to share your insights on possible best-care options for prisoners living with dementia. Contact Sanetta du Toit by email on sanet.dutoit@sydney.edu.au for more information.


The Prisoners Ageing-in-Place International Network (PAPIN) is an informal network to promote communication, idea exchange and research collaboration in the field of care for aged prisoners. Our research aims to identify pathways of care and staff provision that could be provided to support older prisoners with dementia.

If you work with older adults with dementia or have experience working within prison settings and would like to join PAPIN, or for more information, contact Sanetta du Toit at sanet.dutoit@sydney.edu.au

Sanetta du Toit is a Senior Lecturer and Master of Occupational Therapy Course Director, Faculty of Medicine and Health, School of Health Sciences, Discipline of Occupational Therapy, University of Sydney (USYD)  

Further reading

Behind Bars: The Challenge Of An Ageing Prison Population, by James Baldwin and Jasmin Leete, and published in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care August/September 2012 issue, is available to read in full at:

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