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  • Dementia Conference

Reference lists for AJDC, Vol 11 No 2, Apr/May/Jun 2022

Capability, contact and connection (page 2)

By Professor Belinda Goodenough

Isolation in a time of COVID (pages 10-12)

By Pauline Marsh

Dementia diagnosis in practice (pages 14-17)

By Steph Daly, Hilton Koppe and Marita Long

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Resources to support diagnosis and management (page 15)

  • Brodaty H, Connors M, Pond D, Cumming A, Creasey H (2013) Dementia: 14 Essentials of Management. Medicine Today 14(9) 29-41.

Responsive Behaviours Toolkit (page 17)

By Liz Miles

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‘We’re doing something together’ (pages 18-20)

By Kate Teggelove, Libby Flynn, Felicity Baker and Jeanette Tamplin

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Using technology to transform learning outcomes (pages 21-23)

By David Sykes

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Taking art and creativity online (pages 24-27)

By Lara Wiseman and researchers from the University of Canberra (Adriane Boag, Stephen Isbel and Nathan D’Cunha)

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Sexual violence in aged care (pages 31-33)

By Amelia Grossi, Daisy Smith, Meg Wright and Joseph Ibrahim

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