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‘Self-help’ guide for people newly diagnosed

My Life, My Goals is the title of a new resource created by a team of nine people living with dementia, with input from researchers at the University of Exeter and Innovations in Dementia, designed to give hope and encouragement to people newly diagnosed with dementia.

The resource, described as a ‘self-help guide’, has been developed with funding from the Alzheimer’s Society in the UK. The intent was to adapt findings from the GREAT trial into goal-oriented cognitive rehabilitation therapy, led by Professor Linda Clare at the University of Exeter, into a practical tool for people living with dementia to use on their own.

The guide is set out carefully – with simple instructions for how to use the resource, and lots of encouragement to take the process steadily, without rushing.

It covers how dementia affects everyday life, explores the process of setting goals, offers strategies and solutions from people with dementia, and allows space for people to develop their own plan.

The resource includes contributions from people living with dementia throughout, via short films, quotes, stories and photos.

Access the resource here: https://bit.ly/3CrUzjH

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