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Shared tips for living with dementia

UK community-interest company, Innovations in Dementia, is behind a new project launched in December 2020 which is encouraging people living with dementia to share their tips for living with dementia with others who are also ‘in the same boat’ – known as Dementia Tip-Share.

The project’s website says it aims to be clear, easy to use, searchable and informative. Tips contributed so far already cover a wide range of topics, for example the coronavirus situation, emotional and family life, friends and peers, money and legal matters, health issues and symptoms, and work and meetings. Here are a few examples of some of the tips:

  • “I was forever falling up or down the steps leading up to my house and garden, as I wouldn’t see them. So now I’ve painted a luminous yellow stripe up each and haven’t fallen since.”
  • “Light switches are also a problem, as they are nearly always white and so can also blend into the wall. So I simply painted a dark blue border around each of them.”
  • “I take my time finding a place after I get to the [train] station. I usually have a cup of tea before the next stage, simply to get the next stage clear in my head.”
  • “To stop me forgetting food in the oven or microwave, we always leave their doors open when not in use.”
  • “When I’m reading something new to me, I sometimes find I am looking at words (just letters) and they don’t look like words. I have learnt that if I type in the word I am having difficulty with on Google, and ask ‘How do you say xxx?’ … it speaks it back to me!”
  • “I use a big hair clip to join pairs of shoes, socks or gloves together after I’ve taken them off.”
Image: rawpixel.com/www.freepik.com

The project is asking contributors to share ideas for how they ‘work around’ some of the challenges they face living with dementia, and how they have adapted to, and ‘outmanoeuvred’ dementia.

If you aren’t able to find a ‘Tip’ on the site that relates to the specific issue you’re searching for, you can submit details via the ‘Ask for a Tip’ page, and the Tip-Share team will pass it on to the Tip-Share Community and wider resource team. They should then be able to highlight an existing solution or possibly even come up with a new idea or approach.

To find out more, go to https://dementiatip-share.org.uk/

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