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Transport and Technology: Discussing Ideas, Building Consensus

Technology is changing our day-to-day transport. There are already changes like apps that support finding your way, new ways of looking up timetables and booking tickets, and new services like Uber. There are expected to be many more changes in the future including driverless cars and buses. These could help people living with dementia to stay involved in their communities – but they also might not work well as they often have not been designed with all users in mind.

From October 2021, a research team from the University of Queensland is undertaking phase two of a study discussing ideas and responding to questions and scenarios about transport technology and people living with dementia.

The team is now seeking people living with mild dementia, care partners, people with experience in transportation, technology, health, ethics, law or policy to participate in the study.

Participation is flexible. You can be part of Zoom discussion groups, individuals chats with a researcher (Zoom, phone), online, email or mail participation.

The research team includes lived experience experts, an occupational therapist, interaction designer, psychologist, and ethicist.

The study is being supported by the Dementia Australia Research Foundation and the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration.

Closing date for participation: 24/12/2021

Contact: Jacki Liddle j.liddle@uq.edu.au

Ethics committee approval: University of Queensland – HREC 2020/HE000941

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