• Capacity and decision making in dementia:  a case based approach for GPs
  • Capacity and decision making in dementia:  a case based approach for GPs

Transport technology and dementia

People living with dementia and their care partners are being invited to contribute to a new two-year study which will explore how new transport technologies – such as app-based ride-sharing services and driverless buses – could help people living with dementia improve their quality of life and levels of independence.

The cross-disciplinary study, titled Not Left Behind: Co-Creating Solutions To Transport Technology Disruption For People Living With Dementia And Their Care Partners, will gather information about current and future transport technologies, identify possible issues from the perspective of people living with dementia and their carers, as well as other stakeholders, and will also develop key considerations for future transport technology development and research.

The study is being supported by the Dementia Australia Research Foundation and the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration.

Want to take part?

To find out more about the contactless research activities involved in the initial stages of the study and how to get involved, contact Dr Jacki Liddle on j.liddle@uq.edu.au

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