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Igniting the Spark of Life

Igniting the Spark of Life

Five years after adopting the Spark of Life Philosophy to dementia care and three years after becoming the world’s first Spark of Life Centre of Excellence, New Zealand’s Mercy Parklands aged care home is continuing to report positive outcomes for residents with dementia, their families and staff. Helen Delmonte explains. Between 50-60% of our 97… Continue Reading


The Australian Journal of Dementia Care is a multidisciplinary journal for all professional staff working with people with dementia, in hospitals, nursing and residential care homes, day units and the community. The journal is committed to improving the quality of care provided for people with dementia, by keeping readers abreast of news and views, research, developments, practice and training issues.

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In this issue: April/May 2016

Cover story

Looking for compassionate care: elder abuse and safeguarding

This issue of AJDC looks at the complex issue of elder abuse and adult safeguarding, with articles calling for a new emphasis on the ‘golden thread’ of compassion, and a greater use of person-centred thinking tools to support the changes necessary to safeguard the rights of care recipients

Also in this issue

  • Igniting the Spark of Life: the world’s first Spark of Life Centre of Excellence, Mercy Parklands aged care home, reports on the positive outcomes it is achieving for residents, families and staff. Read the article here:
  • The story of dementia – Mary Marshall: John Killick continues his series exploring the history of dementia through the stories of individuals
  • Australia’s first guidelines for dementia: a summary of key recommendations and practice points in the new guidelines
  • Engaging with LEAP for Life: practical strategies for goal-setting with home care clients
  • The role of dramatherapy in improving quality of life: techniques to help people with dementia express difficult feelings and emotions
  • Participatory video and well-being in long-term care: how one group of people with dementia used film-making to tell their stories
  • Plus the latest dementia research news, resources and events

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