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IN THE LATEST ISSUE: October/November/December 2021


‘Golden Angels’ going from strength to strength

The ‘Golden Angels’ volunteer program for patients with dementia and delirium began in 2009 in one NSW rural hospital, has since spread across Australia, and is now being adapted for residential aged care settings. Catherine Bateman, Katrina Anderson and Annaliese Blair discuss patient outcomes, implementation and the impacts and challenges of providing volunteer care. Read this article

How allied health can help

In the second of this two-part series, geriatrician Dr Clair Langford, clinical nurse specialist Alexia Bradley and three allied health professionals (dementia advisor Robert Pinchin, physiotherapist Melissa Roach and speech pathologist Katie Tsacounis) discuss the vital contribution that allied health professionals make to the support of people living with dementia and their carers. Read this article

Ask a neuroscientist…

In the latest article in this series, Dr Lezanne Ooi presents an easy-to-read answer to the question: ‘COVID-19 and dementia: what do we know?’  Read this article


  • AJDC Asks: aged care reforms
  • Working together to support the patient journey
  • DCRC’s 15 years of research and capacity building
  • Aducanumab explained: history, controversies and opportunities
  • Hearing and vision needs of people with dementia
  • What’s needed to stay at home together?

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