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In aged care, 50 incidents of sexual violence occur each week, with those involving people with dementia sometimes inappropriately deemed as consensual by staff and other residents.


IN THE LATEST ISSUE: April/May/June 2022

AJDC asks…

What is the key lesson (or lessons) for Australia’s aged care sector from its experience responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Isolation in a time of COVID

Pauline Marsh highlights the unintended costs of isolation for people living with dementia, and suggests interventions to mitigate the distress

As the experts who are living the experience…

How do you communicate well with a person living with dementia?

Dementia diagnosis in practice

GPs Steph Daly, Hilton Koppe and Marita Long discuss the challenges for GPs in diagnosing dementia and present three simple frameworks to guide that process

Podcasters speak from experience

Dementia Training Australia introduces the Dementia in Practice podcast

Responsive Behaviours Toolkit

Liz Miles reports on the Responsive Behaviours Toolkit for educators and clinical leaders

‘We’re doing something together’

HOMESIDE is an international study investigating the effects of music and reading activities for people living with dementia and their family carers

Using technology to transform learning outcomes

Dementia Australia is using technology to create unique learning experiences that enable aged care workers to put learning into practice. David Sykes explains

Taking art and creativity online

Adriane Boag and researchers from the University of Canberra share the story of how the National Gallery of Australia’s Art and Dementia program successfully moved online during COVID-19

Dementia and Place: Practices, Experiences and Connections

Lyn Phillipson introduces a new book on the significance of place and neighbourhoods

Support, isolation and belonging

In this extract from ‘Dementia and Place’ Lynda Henderson (with Louisa Smith) shares her experience of supporting her friend and housemate Veda, who lives with dementia

Sexual violence in aged care

Amelia Grossi, Daisy Smith, Meg Wright and Joseph Ibrahim discuss this complex issue and a new online course on how to prevent, respond to and manage unwanted sexual behaviour

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