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The Power of Nature
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The Power of Nature

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The Power of Nature

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  • Isolation in a time of COVID
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Why I am a AJDC subscriber

We never stop learning, and this journal is full of educational and informative articles. Stories from a lived experience/perspective are welcomed, especially those from a CALD background. Two way sharing is the way to knowledge and innovation. And this is why I can strongly recommend becoming a subscriber.

Danijela – QLD

Reading AJDC helps keep me updated and informed about best practice care. It helps to prompt ideas about projects we can implement for our sites. Being able to show colleagues, clients and their families the AJDC helps to pitch improvement ideas and reduce stigma.

Katie, NSW

AJDC Read and Quiz Series

AJDC is a featured resource in the AJDC Read & Quiz free online learning series produced by Dementia Training Australia. Resource links are also provided for further reading and learners receive a certificate upon completing each module.