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  • Dementia Conference


In aged care, 50 incidents of sexual violence occur each week, with those involving people with dementia sometimes inappropriately deemed as consensual by staff and other residents.


IN THE LATEST ISSUE: July/August/September 2022

Improving accommodation in residential aged care

The report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommended the creation of “a comprehensive set of National Aged Care Design Principles and Guidelines” to improve the design of residential aged care accommodation.

It’s time: ARIIA’s blueprint for transforming aged care

In so many cases, it’s not that we don’t have the research and evidence about best practice in aged care; we just haven’t done enough to translate that knowledge into better practice on the ground. That’s the challenge being addressed by Aged care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA). Research director, Professor Sue Gordon, explains.

AJDC asks

What do you hope the Australian Government’s new ARIIA at Flinders University will achieve for people living with dementia?

Ask a neuroscientist…

‘How do genes influence the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?’

Ask the experts who are living the experience…

What makes a venue ‘dementia friendly’?

Taking action to support veterans with dementia

Claudia Meyer, Xanthe Golenko and Judy Lowthian are evaluating the implementation of a program of music and reminiscence therapy, sensory modulation and exercise as a means of reducing responsive behaviours and depression for Australian Defence Force veterans.

Green Scripts: prescribing nature as therapy

A group of committed local dementia advocates in Ballarat, Victoria, has developed a program to help people living with dementia to better connect with nature in all its goodness. Caroline Gibson and Mark Yates tell the story.

A family’s perspective on care

Ben Johnston and his family, from Melbourne, share their experience of dementia and lessons learned with other families and caregivers.

Montessori-inspired care: changing lives for the better

Jade Cartwright, Elizabeth Oliver, Anne Kelly and Anne Whitworth have been involved in implementing and evaluating Montessori models of care and interventions across aged care organisations in Australia. Here they share a blueprint, with practical strategies.

Whither (or wither) public involvement in dementia research in Australia?

Involving lay people, including those with ‘lived experience’, in the design, implementation and reporting of research is much discussed and widely understood to be best practice, but are Australian researchers living up to the rhetoric, asks Dr Jane Thompson.

Not left behind: considering future transport technologies for people living with dementia

The evolving transport landscape presents some challenges, especially for people living with dementia and the care partners supporting them. This was the subject of a study by a multidisciplinary team from University of Queensland and Deakin University.

Dementia research: taking stock

With a new government in Canberra, it is timely to review the dementia research horizon and take a pulse check. By Professor Henry Brodaty and Professor Elizabeth Beattie.

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